Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ubuntu District of Columbia LoCo Meeting Minutes 02-06-10

Weekly Ubuntu District of Columbia Meeting Minutes

In attendance:

[START] crimsun opens meeting at 18:00 sharp
[DONE] kjcole finished redirect of DCTeam to DistrictOfColumbiaTeam wiki page
[DONE] crimsun posted last week's bugjam/LoCo team photos to
[ACTION] crimsun to follow up with fridge admins regarding LoCo activities on Ubuntu fridge Google calendar]
[ACTION] crimsun to investigate merging Lucid source packages using Ground Control
[ACTION] bcurtiswx to follow up about using GC to fix bugs
[ACTION] bcurtiswx to chair next meeting
[ACTION] Magilum to nominate packages for loco adoption
[END] crimsun closes meeting at 18:48

Thanks to all who attended

1 comment:

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