Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ubuntu on BBC


Ubuntu on the BBC! Here is a short snippet from the article. There's a video in the link too!

Canonical is also making it easier to road test Ubuntu with a "live mode" that lets potential users run it off a USB drive to check its compatibility with the hardware on their desktop or laptop.

Evidence that it is being taken seriously can be found, he said, in the annual "10-K form" that Microsoft files with the SEC. Every public firm must file one of these to outline the market conditions and competitors it believes pose the greatest threat to its business.

In 2009, for the first time, Canonical got a mention.

Given that Microsoft recognises its success, Mr Kenyon is convinced that it's only a matter of time before Ubuntu's 12 million strong pool of users is joined by many more.

"We're nearing a tipping point," said Mr Kenyon.

WTG Ubuntu!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Ubuntu Vision: 10.04

Lucid Lynx: Codename for Ubuntu 10.04
Lucid (Adjective): Easily understandable, clearly perceived.

It's time to close your eyes, and take a trip into the future. When? How about April, 2010. Where? How about right where you are now. No this isn't a "where do you see yourself in a year" blog entry. It's a journey through about 30 minutes of my life.

Ok, right, so the interest level at this point is probably sinking lower than the titanic did. This journey you are about to partake in is my vision of where I hope to see Ubuntu for it's next release.

Imagine getting home from work around 6:50PM, you are tired, worn out, and the next thing you are itching to do is relax because your boss kept you late. Take a venture to your comfy desk chair, turn on the monitor, or flip up your laptop lip, and boot into your newly installed/upgraded Ubuntu 10.04 installation.
Quick and snappy like water flowing down a river, the system boots up, and within 10 seconds you are ready to log in. While it's waiting for your user input it loads the necessary drivers and default settings, so as soon as you hit the enter key from typing in your password your desktop appears like it came out of thin air.
Don't look now but that blinking light you're used to waiting to stop blinking before you can use your computer, has already stopped.

While you were sitting there admiring the serenity of no blinking light you received 5 new instant messages, you notice the blinking orange dot on the indicator applet icon and click it to find out whats up. Hey, you got 3 new e-mails in GMail and your boss sent you an e-mail on your work account. Works most important, but you don't want to forget about the people in GMail. Well don't worry about that, the indicator applet light has stopped blinking but stayed orange to let you know there are items that still need your attention but you've already noticed them.
You click on the entry in your indicator applet for your work e-mail and Evolution is already loaded with the list of new e-mails. You finish replying when the notification applet notifies you of a video chat you promised your father today for his birthday at 7:00PM. Thankfully you had your google calendar linked in evolution so it knew to notify you.
OH NO! You realize it's 6:59 PM, and your father only has AIM video chat! Well don't worry about the hastle of switching over to windows, empathy's video and voice interface has been the primary focus of this release and to your surprise the notification applet is notifying you of your fathers request to webcam and upon clicking the notification you can start your video birthday wishes.

Finally, the video chat is over, and you start chatting with your best friend. They are anxious to share a few new songs with you while you work on your project together. Your friend offers to share their desktop with you so you can work together, theres no need to transfer files, you can listen to their music right from their desktop, as well as edit the file from there as well. You load banshee and your friends library appears for you to listen to. You load nautilus so you can access your project files on their computer.

There were quick edits to make, and you've decided you want to have a copy of it for yourself, well just by drag and drop through nautilus you can copy the folder contents to your computer.

7:15 comes along and you and your friend are getting bored so you decide to play a game together. You both vote on checkers. As your friend invites you to join their loaded game, the notification applet lets you know they've invited you and you click the notification, checkers loads with your friends first move already made... sneaky friend!

Sneaky wasn't good enough, and you beat them with ease. As you close out the game you notice the red blinking light in the indicator applet, Ubuntu has security updates available. You decide to do them later, so upon clicking out of the indicator applet the light stops blinking and goes back to orange signifying you have things that require your attention later.

Ok, time to come back to today. Yes these things seem like a stretch from reality, but the steps are in place for these things to become reality quicker than you imagine. The telepathy framework, empathy desktop sharing, evolutions linked calendars, notification applets, indicator applets, will all help allow us to eventually do all of the things mentioned above. If that was only 30 minutes of fun, imagine how much fun you can have in an hour, a day, even a week using Ubuntu 10.04.

By the time 10.04 comes around, it will be easy to see how lucid the lynx has become in such a short time.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

DC LoCo Bug Jam: August 22nd, 2009 3-9PM

Hi all,

It's official! On Saturday August 22nd, 2009 starting at 3PM and going no later than 9PM I will attempt to do my best at hosting a Bug Jam.

I have scheduled a room at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. Anyone interested in going to the event please send me an e-mail at briancurtis.wx AT gmail DOT com and I can give you the details.

If you take the METRO in I would recommend taking the CUE bus to GMU from the Vienna/GMU stop and walking through campus to get to the research building. If you drive in, there is parking in the parking garage across from the research building. Unfortunately its not free, but I don't imagine its very expensive.

There will be wireless internet available in the room, and you will be required to bring your own laptop. The room does not have any computers in it.

Since I am not made of money, I would appreciate people to RSVP by August 15th so I can get an idea of how much pizza/soda to get and then I can give attendees an idea of how much to donate to the food. If you are vegetarian or vegan etc.. then please let me know so I can
try to plan for that as well.

Hope to hear back from lots of you!

~Brian Curtis

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Introducing BCurtisWX

Hi fellow Ubuntu enthusiasts!

My name is Brian Curtis and I have recently been accepted as an Ubuntu member.

I wanted to give everyone a little bio of myself, I hope that lots of you will introduce yourselves to me at some point.

I am currently a graduate student at George Mason University. My goals are to achieve a PhD in Computational Sciences and Informatics. My concentration is in Space Science and Astrophysics and I am focusing on Space Weather Prediction. I have kept an interest in prediction from my undergraduate degree which is a B.S. in Meteorology.

I have been a part of the Linux community ever since 2004/2005, and a part of the Ubuntu Linux community since 2007. I am known here in the Ubuntu community as a bug triager. I find that when I'm bored after a long day at work I like to triage bugs. I like it so much it's become a hobby of mine, and I have joined the Bug Control team. I have had a ton of help from Mackenzie Morgan, in getting involved and staying involved, and I met her through the DC Loco, to which I am a member of. I am also planning a Bug Jam for August, and once I get more information from the LoCo members, I will make an official announcement on here.

I'm anxious to meet everyone, and I hope that I have enough money so I can join you at the next UDS.

Until next time,
~Brian Curtis

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Banshee to become default media player in Karmic.

According to the spec at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-karmic-default-media-player-choice it appears as if Ubuntu is trying to use banshee as the default media player for Ubuntu.

I like banshee myself and I have replaced rhythmbox with banshee on all of my installs. I don't think this makes my opinions biased in this sense. I love nice GUI's and one of the bigger reasons I chose banshee over rhythmbox is the GUI.

Back to the spec. Ubuntu appears to be choosing banshee due to the size it takes up on the CD compared to rythmbox. If I have to put my two cents in here, I would say this is also a plus because rhythmbox support has stopped, and banshee support seems to be great.

Until Next Time

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome to the Ubuntu Trap

Hi all,

Welcome to my blog about Ubuntu Linux.

I have been involved with Ubuntu Linux ever since the summer of 2007. I have always been interested in the cost free environment that Ubuntu Linux is. I got sick of always having to pay for this and that in Windows that once I found out about Linux, I could not resist.

I currently work in bug triage, and am a member of the bug control team in ubuntu. Our main purpose is to triage bugs related to Ubuntu to make sure that they have the right information as they are passed on higher up the chain of events that bugs go through. This is the same that people experience in hospitals as the nurses are there to gather as much information about your problem as possible to make sure that you are headed in the right direction to be assisted the best.

This blog will contain information here and there about Ubuntu and maybe a few things here and there about Linux in general. You can bet there will be a lot about my work with bug triage. I hope that my information may help people in the future with their problems, or maybe their transition from another OS to Ubuntu.

Happy Reading!