Sunday, June 7, 2009

Introducing BCurtisWX

Hi fellow Ubuntu enthusiasts!

My name is Brian Curtis and I have recently been accepted as an Ubuntu member.

I wanted to give everyone a little bio of myself, I hope that lots of you will introduce yourselves to me at some point.

I am currently a graduate student at George Mason University. My goals are to achieve a PhD in Computational Sciences and Informatics. My concentration is in Space Science and Astrophysics and I am focusing on Space Weather Prediction. I have kept an interest in prediction from my undergraduate degree which is a B.S. in Meteorology.

I have been a part of the Linux community ever since 2004/2005, and a part of the Ubuntu Linux community since 2007. I am known here in the Ubuntu community as a bug triager. I find that when I'm bored after a long day at work I like to triage bugs. I like it so much it's become a hobby of mine, and I have joined the Bug Control team. I have had a ton of help from Mackenzie Morgan, in getting involved and staying involved, and I met her through the DC Loco, to which I am a member of. I am also planning a Bug Jam for August, and once I get more information from the LoCo members, I will make an official announcement on here.

I'm anxious to meet everyone, and I hope that I have enough money so I can join you at the next UDS.

Until next time,
~Brian Curtis

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Banshee to become default media player in Karmic.

According to the spec at it appears as if Ubuntu is trying to use banshee as the default media player for Ubuntu.

I like banshee myself and I have replaced rhythmbox with banshee on all of my installs. I don't think this makes my opinions biased in this sense. I love nice GUI's and one of the bigger reasons I chose banshee over rhythmbox is the GUI.

Back to the spec. Ubuntu appears to be choosing banshee due to the size it takes up on the CD compared to rythmbox. If I have to put my two cents in here, I would say this is also a plus because rhythmbox support has stopped, and banshee support seems to be great.

Until Next Time