Sunday, June 7, 2009

Introducing BCurtisWX

Hi fellow Ubuntu enthusiasts!

My name is Brian Curtis and I have recently been accepted as an Ubuntu member.

I wanted to give everyone a little bio of myself, I hope that lots of you will introduce yourselves to me at some point.

I am currently a graduate student at George Mason University. My goals are to achieve a PhD in Computational Sciences and Informatics. My concentration is in Space Science and Astrophysics and I am focusing on Space Weather Prediction. I have kept an interest in prediction from my undergraduate degree which is a B.S. in Meteorology.

I have been a part of the Linux community ever since 2004/2005, and a part of the Ubuntu Linux community since 2007. I am known here in the Ubuntu community as a bug triager. I find that when I'm bored after a long day at work I like to triage bugs. I like it so much it's become a hobby of mine, and I have joined the Bug Control team. I have had a ton of help from Mackenzie Morgan, in getting involved and staying involved, and I met her through the DC Loco, to which I am a member of. I am also planning a Bug Jam for August, and once I get more information from the LoCo members, I will make an official announcement on here.

I'm anxious to meet everyone, and I hope that I have enough money so I can join you at the next UDS.

Until next time,
~Brian Curtis

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