Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ubuntu District Of Columbia LoCo Team Meeting Minutes 2-27-2010

Our minutes are as follows.

Attendees: Magilum, bcurtiswx_, lfaraone, crimsun
Apologies: kjcole
[ACTION] Magilum to discuss DistrictOfColumbia LoCo intent pending imminent Ubuntu SSO policy (02/27)
[DONE] crimsun to install GC and begin workflow construction (02/06)
[DONE] Magilum to look into officially adopting GIMP for the LoCo (02/20)
[DONE] bcurtiswx to create Wiki page for LoCo structure (02/20)
  • Consensus reached on members carrying forth with ad hoc roles; no need to formalize with additional bureaucracy
[ACTION] crimsun to blog about GC uses (02/27)
[ACTION] lfaraone to follow up with meetbot owners (02/27)
[ACTION] crimsun to chair 03/06 meeting (02/27)

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