Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ubuntu DC LoCo Meeting Minutes 01-30-2010

Ubuntu DC LoCo Community Meeting
Freenode IRC #ubuntu-us-dc

Saturday, Jan 30 2010 06:00ET

[START 18:00ET] KJCole brings meeting to order.
Crimsun: [ACTION] crimsun to clean up current DCTeam wiki page
Crimsun: [ACTION] crimsun to post existing Loco-related pictures to Flickr
Crimsun: [DONE] crimsun added bugjam and dc locoteam weekly events to Fridge calendar (awaiting approval)
Crimsun: [ACTION] Magilum to manage importing streams to the dc locoteam wiki page
BCurtisWX: [ACTION] bcurtiswx will blog about this meeting (to go on planet.ubuntu)
Maco: [ACTION] interested members should sign up on spreadubuntu
[END 19:31ET]

Lots of other suggestions were made, and it was a very great meeting with all of the great discussions that went on.  It's good to see how involved we all still want to be :D.

We are going to be holding regular jams from 4-6 before our weekly IRC meetings.  Feel free to join us in #ubuntu-us-dc on FreeNode and participate

On that note as well, our meetings are every Saturday at 18:00ET.
Some bug-jamming fun from 16:00-18:00ET right before the weekly meeting.


  1. Thanks for posting these condensed minutes! A few photos from the event are at

  2. Spreadubuntu's link is:

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